A fork of the Boot `server` task with community PRs integrated and support for Immutant added. Originally from pandeiro/boot-http.

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Community support

This project exists because the original maintainer stopped maintaining the code and/or responding to PR requests. I don't want that to happen here, so:

  • I'm establishing some parameters for PRs to be accepted.
  • If I cannot respond in a resonable time (given this is a solo effort and I have a day job not involving Clojure/script), I invite anyone interested in continuing this effort to file a ticket against the project along with a PR showing you can be trusted to further this effort in a responsible manner. If I can't respond to that ticket in a timely manner and there aren't extenuating circumstances (e.g.: a death in the family), I'll transfer project ownership to you.

PR checklist

There are two kinds of PRs:

  • Work-in-progress (WIP) PRs where a developer wants committer feedback before investing time to create a full PR.
  • A full PR that is ready to review and merge.

With that in mind, I would greatly appreciate if PRs follow this checklist:

  • WIP PRs include (WIP) at the beginning fo the title. Otherwise:
  • Include tests and/or justification(s) for no tests.
  • Update CHANGELOG in the form already in the file.
  • Update the project version number in:
  • build.boot
  • The project documentation: and/or the web site markdown.
  • If a change is a breaking change, update the minor version number; else update the patchlevel version number.
  • Update project documentation with any new instructions required to use your new feature.

Desired PRs

  • Anything improving test coverage / testability.

  • Previously the community had written Aleph support in several earlier PRS but none of those efforts merge cleanly anymore. If interested parties fix that I'd be happy to consider PRs re-adding this functionality.

  • Previous community efforts ditched the individual options for selecting a server other than Jetty, instead consolidating these into a single flag --server="http-kit", etc. I would welcome efforts to re-add this feature also.


(The following examples assume you have boot installed and updated.)

Command line, no setup

This serves the current directory at port 3000:

boot -d coconutpalm/boot-server serve -d . wait

To inspect the meanings of the flags and other tasks, use boot's built-in documentation mechanism:

boot -d coconutpalm/boot-server -h       # show all tasks on the classpath
boot -d coconutpalm/boot-server serve -h # show serve's usage

Within a project

If you already have a build.boot, add coconutpalm/boot-server to :dependencies and (require '[coconutpalm.boot-http :refer :all]).

You can use boot-http for three different use cases:

1. Serve classpath resources

boot serve wait   # or from REPL: (boot (serve) (wait))

2. Serve files on chosen directory

boot serve -d target wait   # or at the REPL: (boot (serve :dir "target") (wait))

That would serve the target directory if it exists.

Instead of specifying a directory, you can also specify a ring handler:

3. Start server with given Ring handler

boot serve -H myapp.server/app -R wait   # (boot (serve :handler 'myapp.server/app :reload true) (wait))

Note: boot-http will automatically wrap responses in middlewares to add content type and charset (see --charset option) to response headers.

Note: The handler symbol must include a fully qualified namespace as shown in the example above (due to a limitation in boot). If the task is throwing java.lang.NullPointerException's this is most likely the cause.


You may have noticed the wait task being used after all the command-line invocations so far. This is because by itself, the serve task does not block and thus exits immediately.

What good is that? It means you can compose with other tasks.

In boot-cljs-example, for example, serve is invoked like so:

boot serve watch speak reload cljs-repl cljs -usO none

which is, again, the same as:

(comp (serve)
      (cljs :optimizations :none))

In that case, since serve is given a directory, it serves the directory and whatever resources can be found on the classpath, and then gets out of the way.

Other options

-p / --port

Use a specific port. A value of 0 will automatically bind to a free port. The actual port number being used is available as :http-port on the fileset.

boot -d coconutpalm/boot-server serve -d . -p 8888 wait

Note: If this is specified, it overrides any :port inside the ssl-props parameter.

-k / --httpkit

Use the HTTP Kit webserver instead of Jetty.

boot -d coconutpalm/boot-server serve -d . -k wait  # uses httpkit

-I / --immutant

Use the Immutant webserver instead of Jetty. Immutant supports both websockets and https. See also: Sente

By default, boot-server disables Immutant's default logback configuration so you can supply your own slf4j bridge and logger.

boot -d coconutpalm/boot-server serve -d . -I wait  # uses immutant

-n / --nrepl

Start an nREPL server for access to the http server. Accepts :port and :bind options for setting nREPL server IP and port.

boot -d coconutpalm/boot-server serve -d . -n "{:port 3001}"

-i / --init and -c / --cleanup

Setup and teardown functions to run.

-s / --silent

Silences all output.

-R / --reload

Wrap provided ring handler with ring-reload.

-N / --not-found

Use the provided symbol's function to handle requests for results that are not found.

boot serve -d target -N myapp.server/custom-not-found wait

Note: Just like the ring handler, the not-found handler also requires a symbol with a fully qualified namespace, even if invoked from a build.boot file.

-S / --charset

Charset to use when serving resources or files. Defaults to UTF-8.

-t / --ssl

Serve over HTTPS (see -T / --ssl-props as well): Jetty/Immutant only.

API and Roadmap

Right now that is about it. It basically blends the functionality of python3 -m http.server and a subset of lein ring server.

Feel free to add issues or comment here if you have any ideas.


The boot guys basically wrote all of this or walked me through any parts I had to change. Thanks!


Copyright © 2015 Murphy McMahon, 2018 David Orme

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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